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U for Unsung Hero

Virtual Assistants (as well as PAs and EAs) are often the unsung heroes of a business.

Working along side our clients, we quietly get on ensuring that meetings are scheduled, emails responded to, documents created and tidied and generally doing the small stuff (and often the big stuff too) that nobody really sees.

We love admin and as we’re often juggling several plates at once, we need to be organised (see my previous blog) and in sorting we see things that need to be done that’s not necessarily part of the ‘job spec’, but we get it done.

Those of us who are virtual PAs, are an integral part of the working lives of our clients to make their lives easier so they can concentrate on what they do best without ‘sweating the small stuff’.  

Working closely with our clients, we build that trust, so we often become the confidante, adviser, counsellor, sounding board, business therapist.  We get to know our clients’ lives, what makes them tick, their likes, dislikes as well as what is going on with their families.  I have been known to purchase various gifts for partners, send anniversary flowers (on my reminder!!) and suggest things that will help a harmonious home life!!

We are also the ones that gets things sorted behind the scenes.  It might be that we get a booking at a top restaurant, source a great location for an Away Day (ensuring ALL staff are available for!) or find that elusive hour in their diary to urgently meet a crucial contact.

In addition, we are well versed to getting clients out of various pickles – such as cancel meetings that they no longer have time for or want to attend, smooth the way and apologise to those whose meetings they’ve just forgotten to attend or follow up on promised emails, calls and documents.

It is said that if you want to know or need something, you need to ask the VA/PA/EA for the answer.  Whilst that is probably true, we are also highly confidential, so we may well reply with “sorry, I don’t know”.  😉

All in all, VAs/virtual PAs are just good, organised people that ‘gets stuff done’ and will find themselves the unsung heros of an organisation.

If you want someone by your side to ‘get stuff done’ so you have time and headspace to do the nitty gritty stuff of your business, then email me and let’s have a chat.

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