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Y for Why

For ‘Why’, I did think about writing why on earth I’d started this Blog Challenge, but it would have been very short as I would have just added “not a clue”!!

So, thinking on, when running a business you are often asked “what is your ‘Why’?”.

Hence… here we are:

When education ends, the natural next step is to find employment and become an employee.  After several years gaining experience, learning your craft, and fine-tuning skills, circumstances can often change and being employed no longer works for them or their situation.

It might be the requirements of childcare, caring for elderly relatives, personal health reasons or just wanting to be their own boss that becomes the reason being employed is no longer suitable.  It becomes their ‘why’.

For me, my ‘why’ is my own health issues.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in 2008. I was signed off work for nine months and took a further nine months to return back to full time.  I’d just like to shout out to my employers at the time, Nova Capital Management, as they were amazing and supported me the whole 18 months which I shall be forever grateful.

Roll forward a few years and whilst working for the NHS, I had another CFS relapse.  Whilst off on long-term sick again, they had an internal re-structure and as I was not well enough to re-apply for my role (despite my director boss desperately wanting me to apply* as she wanted me to continue as her PA) I was made redundant.  Redundancy can be the catalyst that encourages people to set up on their own and be able to work around their ‘why’.

* Although she wouldn’t have let me as she knew it wasn’t a good role for my health.

After several months when I began to feel a little stronger and able to think about working again, I was still unsure what each day would bring and therefore unable to apply for jobs as my energy levels that would be required weren’t guaranteed daily.

Having investigated remote working a year earlier, I revisited the idea again.

I set up my business in the autumn of 2017 and had the mindset that if it took off, awesome, but if not, I would have built up my strength and energy levels to find an employed role.

As it turned out, it was the best thing, and my business has gone from strength to strength.

In addition, my health has improved considerably and whilst I still (and will no doubt) continue to have the ‘bone crushing’ fatigue days/episodes, they are now few and far between and not as severe.  I have only been required to be on a Zoom call with a client on a ‘bad’ day once which I’m not sure who was more shocked – him or me!

I am very grateful that I can work and do what I love, and am good at, from home and if I find myself having a ‘tired’ day or two, it’s not a long commute in my pj’s!

What is your ‘why’?

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